2023 NFL Power Rankings: Find out where the Cowboys, Chiefs, and Bills stand

2023 NFL Power Rankings: Find out where the Cowboys, Chiefs, and Bills stand


NFL is widely known for its sports across the globe. Moreover, it allows NFL teams to showcase their potential on the field and later rank them accordingly. The Kanas City Chief is ranked number NFL team in 2023. Let’s find out the remaining 31 teams power ranking this season.

32. Arizona Cardinals

The worst team of the NFL is Arizona Cardinals. Moreover, they ended up giving DeAndre which is even worse for the team. There are very low or zero chances of the Cardinals to win any season in the coming year.

31. Log Angeles Rams 

Log Angeles Rams are officially revamping as a team which means there is still room for improvement. However, due to their worst defensive line, every progress seems to be of no use. 

30. Chicago Bears

Although Chicago Bears can be still improved in the defensive line. However, with Justin Fields, they have a chance to move forward in the ranking of top NFL players. 

29. Indianapolis Colts

Anthony Richardson has the potential to single-handedly play for the Indianapolis Colts. However, for that, he needs to work on his defensive and offensive lines. 

28. Houston Texans 

With the addition of Will Anderson, and DeMeco, Houston Texans did a wonderful job. However, with the new players, it will be interesting to see where the team goes in the next season. 

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers is a fairly below-average team. Additionally, with lack of proper coach, defensive, and offensive side players it is highly difficult for the team to succeed any further. 

26. Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas is one of the poorest teams in the NFL. Moreover, Josh McDaniel might no longer be a part of the team and the situation will get even worse. It will not be surprising if they collapse in the next season.  

25. Denver Broncos 

The Broncos coach knows exactly what needs to be extracted from the players and with Russell Wilson on their side, it will be easy for the team to secure more wins in the coming season. 

24. Atlanta Falcon

Bijan Robinson in the Falcon will soon prove to be the right decision. Furthermore, with Arthur Smith the team has a strong offensive and defensive side which will boost the morale of the team and help the move forward. 

23. Tennessee Titans 

Although Tennessee Titans do not prove to be a threat to any of the teams in the NFL. They have resigned contracts with Ryan and Derrick which means that the regained power through the players can help them secure a better position in the next season. 

22. Green Bay Packers 

Although Aaron Rodgers will no longer play for the team, however, the Packers still have Jordan’s love. He is ideal for the offensive side but the team might need to hire additional round picks for 2024 season. 

21. Washington Commanders 

Washington Commanders depend on the win of Jacoby Brissett. As he can team up with Eric Bieniemy and help the team to move forward in the ranking of the NFL.  

20. New England Patriots 

New England Patriots needs to bridge the gap between the coach and the QB. Moreover, Christian and Bill are the deal breaker for the team due to their defensive abilities. 

19. New Orleans Saints 

New Orleans Saints have done a wonderful job by shifting their focus on the defensive line in the 2023 season. Now with the assistance of Derek Carr it will be easier for the Saints to secure their position. 

18. Carolina Panthers 

With the help of an incredible coaching team and offensive players, Bryce Young can undoubtedly pave the way for Carolina Panthers in the top NFL team next season. 

17. Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns do not need to worry about their defensive lines as long as Deshaun Watson showcase his best performance in the season. However, they only need to focus on the quarterback in order to win the match. 

16. New York Giants 

New York Giants need to work on multiple areas including the receiver. It is because Saquon Barkley might not be there to play in the next season therefore, the focus needs to be shifted on Parris, Jalin, and Darious, this season. 

15. Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers boils down to only one player, Kenny Pickett. However, the team cannot solely depend on a single player. Therefore, pairing Pickett with Mike Tomlin will be a wise decision for the Steelers in order to be ranked as one of the best NFL teams. 

14. Minnesota Vikings

The return of Kirk cousins will help the Vikings to improve their defensive abilities. Although Vikings were labeled as the worst unit amid the second half of the season with Brain Flores additional combination it will help the team to maintain their position. 

13. Detroit Lions 

Although this season did not prove to be an impressive start for the Lions. However, in order to be in the top fifteen team of the NFL, they need to work on their defensive side and score above average collectively. 

12. Jacksonville Jaguars 

It is highly important for the Jaguars that Ridley, Evan, and Christian Kirk remain healthy in the next season in order to continue maintaining their position. Moreover, an excellent move by the Jaguars was the addition of Calvin Ridley. 

11. Seattle Seahawks 

The Seattle’s are known for the best offensive side in NFL 2023 season. As long as they are equipped with Geno Smith and Kenneth Walker, they can easily defeat the opponent. 

10. Los Angeles Chargers 

Los Angeles can easily secure their position in the next season with the help of Brandy Staley and Kellen Moore as one of the best offensive players. However, they just need to work on their runners and keep up with the pace of opponents. 

9. Miami Dolphins 

Miami Dolphins is fully packed team. With the top five defensive players including Jalen Ramsey and David Long and some best offensive players, they just need to play the game. Moreover, the game changing point will be if Tau Tagovailoa remains healthy, it is unavoidable for Miami Dolphins to win Super Bowl. 

8. Baltimore Ravens 

Baltimore ravens have the top defense abilities and they almost kicked out Cincinnati Bengals in the playoff. However, since Lamar Jackson has recovered from his injuries, it will be thrilling to watch the team’s next step. 

7. Buffalo Bills 

With Josh Allen’s bad decisions last year, Buffalos are showing some signs of stability. However, Allen is recovered from his injury so it will be interesting to see if Bills will be able to maintain their position next season. 

6. Dallas Cowboy 

The team not only has the best defensive and offensive players but after the necessary changes in the receiver of the team, it is now ranked in top ten best NFL teams. However, the only problem Cowboys have to deal with is their coach, Mike McCarthy. 

5. Cincinnati Bengals 

Fortunately, this season for Cincinnati Bengals has proved to be a lucky one. Even in future with the fine health of Joe Burrow and Lou Anarumo with his defensive abilities, the team will be able to easily maintain its position. 

4. New York Jets 

While New York Jets player, Breece Hall is recovering from the injuries, the team is suffering to keep up with the good quarterbacks. Moreover, it is likely that things might get worse for the Jets due to the offense side. It is important that they start working on their team players before the next season begins. 

3. San Francisco 49ers 

Although San Francisco is ranked as 3rd best team, the surgery of Rocky Purdy can prove to be fatal for the team in the next season. Therefore, the team needs to work on finding a suitable QB however, with an incredible coach it is likely that this problem will soon be solved. 

2. Philadelphia Eagles 

Philadelphia Eagles is ranked as one of the top teams in NFC. Moreover, with one of the best QB, Jalen Hurts the team has best prospects in 2023 season. 

1. Kanas City Chiefs 

The favorite team of super bowl, Kanas City Chiefs’ are ranked as number one team in the NFL. Although the team longer had Juju Smith and Orlando Brown Jr, with the help of Mahomes, the team managed to win Lombardi Trophy.

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